Webster et al. Domain-Specific Innovativeness Questionnaire

Constructs Measured

Implementation Outcomes Adoption
Implementation Determinants N/A

Policy Application

Setting Schools
Topic Infectious and Chronic Disease
Physical Activity

Basic Information

This is a 6-item tool to assess teachers' domain-specific innovativeness in the school environment.

Transferability of measure across settings: Partially transferable (2 of 6 items transferable)

Citing Literature

Empirical use: Webster CA, Caputi P, Perreault M, Doan R, Doutis P, Weaver RG. Elementary classroom teachers’ adoption of physical activity promotion in the context of a statewide policy: an innovation diffusion and socio-ecologic perspective. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 2013;32(4):419-440. doi.org/10.1123/jtpe.32.4.419

Policy Application in Reviewed Studies

Setting: Schools

Topic: Physical activity

Country: United States

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PAPERS Ratings

Note: Blank pragmatic constructs indicate inadequate reporting to assign a non-zero score.

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Note: Blank psychometric constructs were not assessed in included studies.

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