Tobacco Control Scale (TCS)

Constructs Measured

Implementation Outcomes Cost
Implementation Determinants N/A

Policy Application

Setting Community
Topic Infectious and Chronic Disease

Basic Information

The TCS is a 52-item tool, which provides a score for each country reflecting the level of implementation of tobacco control policies according to six cost-effective policies.

Transferability of measure across settings: Setting-specific

Citing Literature

Development article: Joossens L, Raw M. The Tobacco Control Scale: a new scale to measure country activity. Tobacco Control. 2006;15(3):247-253. doi:10.1136/tc.2005.015347

Empirical use: Díez-Izquierdo A, Balaguer A, Lidón-Moyano C, et al. Correlation between tobacco control policies and preterm births and low birth weight in Europe. Environmental Research. 2018;160:547-553. doi:10.1016/j.envres.2017.10.033

Policy Application in Reviewed Studies

Setting: Multiple: Community

Topic: Tobacco

Country: Multiple: Europe

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