Probart School Wellness Survey

Constructs Measured

Implementation Outcomes Adoption
Implementation Determinants Organizational Culture and Climate
Goals and Feedback

Policy Application

Setting Schools
Topic Infectious and Chronic Disease
Physical Activity

Basic Information

The Probart et al., survey is a 39-item tool to identify administrators’ perceptions of required and recommended implementation steps, compare reported implementation steps to published guidelines, and examine the perceptions of the impact of implementation of local wellness policies on the school wellness environment.

Transferability of measure across settings: Partially transferable (10 of 39 items transferable)

Citing Literature

Empirical use: Probart C, McDonnell ET, Jomaa L, Fekete V. Lessons from Pennsylvania’s mixed response to federal school wellness law. 2010;29(3):477-453.

Policy Application in Reviewed Studies

Setting: Schools

Topic: Nutrition; Physical activity

Country: United States

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PAPERS Ratings

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