Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project Survey (MWPPP)

Constructs Measured

Implementation Outcomes N/A
Implementation Determinants Readiness to Implement
Communication of Policy
Policy Awareness and Knowledge
Leadership for Implementation
Non-training Resources
Policy Actors
Actor Relationships and Networks

Policy Application

Setting Schools
Topic Infectious and Chronic Disease

Basic Information

The MWPPP is a 91-item survey that examines strength and comprehensiveness of local wellness policies and tracks school-level implementation longitudinally.

Transferability of measure across settings: Setting-specific

Citing Literature

Development article: Hager ER, Rubio DS, Eidel GS, et al. Implementation of local wellness policies in schools: role of school systems, school health councils, and health disparities. The Journal of School Health. 2016;86(10):742-750. doi:10.1111/josh.12430

Empirical use: Lane HG, Deitch R, Wang Y, et al. “Wellness Champions for Change,” a multi-level intervention to improve school-level implementation of local wellness policies: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2018;75:29-39. doi:10.1016/j.cct.2018.10.008

Policy Application in Reviewed Studies

Setting: Schools

Topic: Nutrition; Physical activity

Country: United States

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PAPERS Ratings

Note: Blank pragmatic constructs indicate inadequate reporting to assign a non-zero score.

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Note: Blank psychometric constructs were not assessed in included studies.

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