The Creative Climate Questionnaire (CCQ)

Constructs Measured

Implementation Outcomes N/A
Implementation Determinants Organizational Culture and Climate

Policy Application

Setting Hospitals or Outpatient Clinics
Topic Other
Positive Work Environment Policy

Basic Information

This questionnaire consists of 50 statements covering 10 dimensions of the work climate.

Transferability of measure across settings: Mostly transferable (10 of 10 items transferable)

Citing Literature

Development article: Ekvall G. Organizational climate for creativity and innovation. European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology. 1996;5(1):105. doi:10.1080/13594329608414845

Empirical use: Lövgren G, Rasmussen BH, Engström B. Working conditions and the possibility of providing good care. Journal of Nursing Management. 2002;10(4):201-209. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2834.2002.00290.x

Policy Application in Reviewed Studies

Setting: Hospitals or outpatient clinics

Topic: Other: Positive work environment policy

Country: Sweden

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PAPERS Ratings

Note: Blank pragmatic constructs indicate inadequate reporting to assign a non-zero score.

Overall PAPERS Pragmatic Score:



Note: Blank psychometric constructs were not reported in included studies.

Note: Additional subscale level psychometric properties are reported in the measure development article.

Overall PAPERS Psychometric Score: